Beltaine at Uisneach Hill

It has been several days now since this amazing evening and i can now put the impressions into some kind of order.
We were invited to do a demo as part of our affiliation with the Society for Creative Anachronism.   That meant we had to dress up in our medieval finery and answer questions and set a good example. My lady had made us some most awesome cloaks that were just the thing for a cool day on a windy hill.

I could feel the power in the ground of the hill, undefinable but very present.

We arrived plenty early to help with setup then had time to wander and explain who we were and why we were dressed funny.

Before the fire lighting ceremony we were lined up behind a group of goddesses who were most delightful!

The hilltop lake, Lough Lugh, is said to be the spot where Lugh met his mortal end.

The Goddess

My lovely lady and i by the giant horse.

Since i had my armor, i was able to provide some basic fighter training to a new fighter!

One of the most enduring legends of Uisneach is that it was the location for the first great fire to be lit in Ireland. To usher in the first dawn of summer in May, the Uisneach hearth burned biggest and brightest  of all; visible to over a quarter of Ireland. Hearths were extinguished in every Irish home and fireplace in the country, in anticipation of a new flame from Uisneach’s Bealtaine fire.  As the fire was lit and gained brightness, i could see other bonfires being lit in many of the 20+ counties visible from the top of Uisneach Hill.

A short video: